#MarysMustRead Book Club

That's right! LCTFL member Mary Taggart has a thriving book club that reads & discusses all the best new fiction. Here's everything you need to know to get in on the conversation!

Some of Mary's recent stellar choices!

LCTFL member & legend Mary Taggart

What it is:

Mary Taggart loves both writing and reading great stories. She loves creating unforgettable characters and dreaming up unexpected plot twists. She also enjoys capturing women's lived experiences in a way readers can relate to. So it makes perfect sense that she also adores shining the spotlight on fellow authors who do the same.

And that's why she's created #MarysMustRead Book Club, which you are hereby invited to join!

How it Works:

#MarysMustRead pick is announced monthly on Roger’s Daytime Ottawa. Mary also makes the announcement across her social media channels. She's @maryktaggart on both X and Instagram.

Instead of holding a group discussion. #MarysMustRead Book Club serves up selections chosen by a writer (our own Mary Taggart!) for readers who appreciate amazing writing and stories. Mary also engages in Instagram Live with authors to offer readers more opportunity to learn about the inspiration behind the stories she chooses. Her choices take into consideration a variety of readers but are typically buzz worthy books that will stir a conversation.

How to join:

It couldn't be easier! 

Just follow Mary on social media or tune into  Roger's Daytime Ottawa to learn about Mary's newest picks. Then post your comments and interact with other readers who are also reading along and commenting,