Our story

Blue sky thinking is what we're all about when it comes to our WIPs. Unless the suggestions are awful.

Writers, you know how it goes.

You pour your heart and soul into a project. You cut chapters and revise. You read craft manuals and listen to podcasts about writing and publishing. You take your WIP (Work in Progress) as far as it can go, and then you're stuck. 

You can't figure out what might be missing from your WIP. You don't have a clear road map for the revision process. You toil away, alone at your computer. Or you send out queries to literary agents that garner interest, but never quite seal the deal.

That was us. Until January 2022, when writer Robin Morris sent out a tweet saying she was seeking to connect with other writers who had gotten pretty far with their WIPs but hadn't yet crossed the finish line. A bunch of us responded and a group coalesced. We made sure we had the same goals and work ethic. Then we set up a Slack workspace where each of us has a channel dedicated to our WIPs (this is one of our top recommendations!), and we started the long hard process of helping each other revise while trying to honor each author's intentions for their WIP.  Random suggestions like "This piece of historical women's fiction would be so much better if it were set in space!" were outlawed from the get-go. Because that kind of stuff is just not helpful. Instead, we trade careful reading and actionable suggestions informed by everything we have have all gleaned from tons of writing, editing, querying, podcast listening, and twitter pitch contest participation. 

And it's working!

Our members are landing book deals and signing with top agents. And this website is a way to showcase that success plus share how we're getting it done. 

In publishing, it only takes one 'yes.'  This is how we're getting there.